Day 1 – Theatre/Drama, Story Telling, Poetry, and Standing Comedy We plan to invite theatre and drama veterans, such as the poet Zolani Mkhiva and more, come and give lessons, guidance and encouragement to the up and coming artists. Time starts: 15:00pm
Place: Babs Madlakane Community Hall, Matanzima Road, Kwa-Nobuhle
Entrance: R10 Per Person Day 2 - Music – Traditional MAIN ACTS INCLUDE:
The Legendary Soul Brothers, Phuzekhemisi, Ihhashe Limhlophe, Thokozani Langa, Izingane Zoma, Shwinomtekhala & Kwaito Stars Thebe, Phakes, DNG, Sdudla & Ma1000 to name a few It is our intention to promote and book mainly locally i.e. South African based artists. The primary purpose of this day will be to create an unprecedented entertainment vibe in the City and to raise the profile of the FESTIVAL, and most importantly to position the Bay as a preferred tourist destination for entertainment and leisure during the Summer Holidays as opposed to the traditional cities such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. It is at this event wherein the Bay Authorities especially the Tourism Department will have a great opportunity to market the Bay and the natural and man-made beauty of the Bay, the landscape, the nature reserves and resort, the beaches, the hotels, the entertainment centers, and so on. This is the day that will be remembered by all Bay residents and most importantly the holiday makers so we can have repeat and new visits in the Bay. Time starts: 10:00amUitenhage Place: Central Stadium, Lower Drostdy, Uitenhage
Entrance: R80 Per Person Day 3– Cultural Dance/Drama/Indigenous Games The Festival will target organised cultural groups within the communities of the Bay. The groups that will be targeted are those that perform traditional dances and drama stories with children and youth. Cultural Dances; Tsha-tsha-tsha (ballroom dance); Kwaito Music; and Pantsula Jive.Well-known Kwaito artists and choreographers will be invited to brace the FESTIVAL and share lessons and industry experiences with the local and regional artists. This will also see the Bay unsigned musicians and artists sharing the stage with the established musicians. The choreographers will have to workshop the local dancers in various categories of their styles. The Indigenous Games will be a significant feature of this day with games such Morabaraba, Kgati, Diketo, Upuca, Dibeke/Skununu, Kho-Kho (this game is popular and played by the Indian community), and Jukskei (this game originates from the Afrikaner community) to name a few. These are all games that are identified by the National Sports Commission (under the Department of Sports and Recreational Development), and this commission envisages that the traditional games (that used to be played in the township streets and villages) would serve as powerful force for social cohesion. Time starts: 08:00 am until 18:00pm
Place: Kwa-Nobuhle Multi-Purpose Sports Centre, Matanzima Road, Kwa-Nobuhle
Entrance: FREE LOVE LIFE – AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Life Skills As stated above that the Festival will be a series of cultural and musical entertainment in an environment conducive for a family outing, and therefore we plan to take advantage of this opportunity to educate the Youth, families, and patrons about the life skills and in particular the following: • Attributes required to be successful in life;
• Financial management and planning;
• How to handle fame and the media;
• The dangers of alcohol and substance abuse; and
• Awareness about safe Sex, HIV, and AIDS. (Love Life will be invited to participate and provide their services at this Festival) MARKET ANALYSIS Provincial and Bay Demographics Eastern Cape is home to more than 6 527 747 South Africans which makes it the third biggest province in terms of population. The province is dominated by Africans at 87.6% followed by Coloured (7.5%), white (4.7%), and Indian at 0.3%. The languages spoken in the province are isiXhosa (83.7%), Afrikaans (9.6%), English (3.7%), and Sotho (2.5%). The major entertainment, arts and culture events in the province the Scifest Africa taking place in March and the National Arts Festival in June every year and both these events take place in Grahamstown. According to the recent City census it was revealed that the Metro Municipality has over 1 300 000 population.
eMandulo c 2015